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Golden Visa in Bahrain

Updated on Monday 08th August 2022

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Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Bahrain can benefit from simplified procedures, as the authorities here have enabled various mechanisms through which relocation is possible. Apart from employment and family sponsorship, one of the most common ways of moving here is through business investment.
The investor visa for Bahrain is one of the most appreciated residence documents that can be obtained by those interested in long-term relocation to this country.
Below, our company formation agents explain the main requirements for obtaining a Bahrain golden visa.

Conditions to obtain a golden visa in Bahrain

Foreign citizens who are interested in investment immigration to Bahrain are aware of the fact that most programs are developed based on certain conditions imposed by the governments of the countries enabling them. This is also the case of Bahrain which requires applicants to meet the following requirements:
  1. they must have not worked for public or private companies in Bahrain prior to the application;
  2. they must have a health insurance in accordance with the Bahraini regulations;
  3. they must also have a residential address in Bahrain at the time the application is filed;
  4. they must file the documents in person or through a legal representative.
When it comes to representation, foreign investors can rely on our PRO services which imply drafting of the necessary documents, as well as representation with the local authorities.
Also, if you want to relocate through other means, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Bahrain who can provide tailored support.

Investment options under the Bahrain golden visa

The investor visa for Bahrain is one of the most advantageous ways of moving to this country, as it enables the recipient to live here for several years.
Those who decide to apply for such a program have several options they can choose from. These are:
  • - business which implies investing a minimum of 100,000 BD or the equivalent of nearly 265,000 USD in a local enterprise;
  • - real estate which implies acquiring a property worth 50,000 BD or 135,000 USD;
  • - retirement which implies obtaining a minimum income of 500 BD or 1,350 USD per month.
If you are interested in any of the options above, our immigration lawyers in Bahrain can provide detailed information on each of them.

Business investment for obtaining a golden visa

Foreign citizens who have experience in running a company can choose to apply for the investor visa in Bahrain by investing a business. The minimum amount required to inject in a local company is 100,000 BD or approximately 265,000 USD, which is also the highest amount requested under this program.
The main advantage of this option is that the entrepreneur can have a Bahrain company and make profits in of the most prolific countries in the Middle East.

Real estate as an option for immigration to Bahrain through an investor visa 

Foreign citizens who do not have experience in managing a business can use the real estate option in order to obtain a Bahrain golden visa. The minimum value of the property must be 50,000 BD or 135,000 USD. However, there are also other conditions associated with this option. These are:
  • - the property must be found in a touristic area;
  • - the applicant must also submit proof of having a minimum monthly income of 500 BD (1,350 USD).
Some of the sought areas in which real estate can be purchased for the purpose of obtaining this visa are Amwaj, Abraj Allulu, Al Juffair, Riffa Views, Busaiteen, and AlAreen.
Our real estate lawyers can assist foreign investors who want to move to Bahrain by acquiring properties. We can also assist with the registration of the property with the Land Registration Bureau.

Obtaining a Bahrain investor visa through retirement

Foreign citizens who want to retire to Bahrain benefit from the provisions of the golden visa if they are above 55 years old. All they need to do is to submit proof of having the minimum monthly income as stated above alongside the other requirements.
Obtaining a Bahrain golden visa this way is not complicated, and our specialists are at the service of applicants. We also invite you to watch our video below:

Residence permit availability

Persons who obtain Bahrain investor visas will benefit from residency for 10 years. This is one of the most important benefits of this program alongside the fact that the procedure is completed in a fast manner. Our lawyers can assist in preparing the documents required as investment proof, as well as those for immigration.
No matter the way you are interested in immigration to Bahrain, our company formation specialists are at your disposal with various services. Contact us if you want to obtain a golden visa for Bahrain and need support.


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