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Labour Lawyers in Bahrain

Updated on Monday 10th May 2021

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Labour-Lawyers-in-BahrainForeign citizens who come to Bahrain can choose between taking jobs here or having their own companies, just like in any other countries. At the beginning, it is very tempting to work here as the salaries are competitive and overseas employees are well-seen.
The fact that many Bahraini companies hire foreign staff is a great plus for those interested in taking employment outside their home countries.
Our labour lawyers in Bahrain are the at service of local and foreign employees and employers seeking legal counseling in matters related to the extensive legislation applicable in this field.
Entrepreneurs can also rely on the help of our local specialists if they want to start their own businesses in Bahrain.

The new Employment Law in Bahrain

The main act that needs to be respected when hiring employees in Bahrain is the Employment Law which was amended in 2012 when it brought a new light on the private sector through its modern approach.
The main provisions of the Labour Code in Bahrain implies that any relation between an employer and employee is based on a work contract that stipulates the rights and obligations of both parties. It is also worth noting that the new law is closer to international employment regulations which has attracted many foreign businesspersons who opened companies here, as well as overseas citizens who found good job opportunities here.
In order to full apprehend the benefits of the new employment regulations, you can rely on our labour lawyers in Bahrain.

Services provided by our labour lawyers in Bahrain

If you need information or assistance in matters related to employment in Bahrain, you can always turn to our labour lawyers who can also provide the following services:
  1. guidance in drafting and verifying employment contracts;
  2. assistance in hiring foreign workers which implies applying for employment permits;
  3. legal advice on employment termination matters in case of redundancy or other business-related matters;
  4. support in litigation cases for both employers and employees.
Respecting employment regulations falls both on Bahrain companies and workers which is why our lawyers can provide assistance to both parties involved in labour relations.
You can also rely on us for company formation services in Bahrain, as our agents also provide assistance in such matters.

Employment contracts in Bahrain

When starting a business in Bahrain, one of the most important aspects after incorporation is hiring employees, no matter the size of the company. Workers must have work contracts that must contain the following:
  • - the names of the employee and employer;
  • - the place where the work will be conducted, as well as a detailed job description;
  • - information about the remuneration;
  • - details on the duties and obligations of the employee;
  • - any specific requirements applicable for certain positions.
Apart from these, both the employer and employee must be registered with the Bahrain tax and labour authorities. In Bahrain, companies must register with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority.
Our Bahrain employment lawyers can help you register with all the authorities regulating the labour market.

Assistance in hiring foreign employees in Bahrain

Many local companies choose to hire foreign specialists for which residence and work permits are required. When using the services of a lawyer specialized in employment matters, the entire process becomes quite simple. For example, our labour lawyers in Bahrain can complete background checks on prospective workers and then handle the procedure of obtaining the work passes so they can enter the country and start working as soon as possible.

Support in labour litigation cases

Not all employment relations terminate on good terms and this where a Bahraini labour lawyer can step in and mediate difficult situations. Our advisors will check the legislation and propose suitable solutions that satisfy the demands of both parties. This way, complicated court proceedings can be avoided.
If you have any question on the best way of solutioning employment disputes, our lawyers can advise you.

The Bahraini labour market

The most prolific industry in Bahrain is oil and petroleum extraction, however, agriculture has also been developing at a fast rate in the past few years. At the end of 2020, the local labour market looked like this:
  • - it had total number of 687,700 employees at the end of the last quarter of the year;
  • - out of these, 535,022 were foreign workers, and the remaining 152,678 were Bahraini citizens;
  • - the total number of new work permits issued at the end of 2020 was 35,030.
If you need the assistance of a labour lawyer in Bahrain, do not hesitate to contact us.

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