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Residence Permit in Bahrain

Updated on Tuesday 28th September 2021

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Residence-Permit-in-BahrainBahrain is one of the most appreciated countries to move in the Middle East, especially for investors who can set up businesses in one of the most prolific industries in the world: oil and gas exploitation. The same sector also offers numerous job opportunities that paid quite well. However, in the past few years, Bahrain has evolved a lot from an economic point of view and enables entrepreneurs to benefit from unlimited investment possibilities.
In order to relocate, you must obtain a residence permit in Bahrain and the requirements to be met can be explained by our local specialists. We are a team made of Bahrain company formation specialists and lawyers who can provide tailored assistance no matter the type of service you need.

The main types of residence permits for Bahrain

Relocating to Bahrain comes with numerous advantages thanks to the several types of residence permits available. If normally a sponsor is required when moving to a Middle Eastern country, a Bahrain self sponsorship residence permit is possible here.
Here are the main types of permits you can apply for if you want to immigrate to Bahrain:
  • - the work permit which is one of the most common ways foreign citizens use to obtain a residence permit in Bahrain;
  • - the residence permit which usually requires a sponsor, however, as mentioned above, can also be obtained through self sponsorship;
  • - the investment residence visa that can be obtained by those who want to purchase real estate.
Each type of residency comes with its own requirements, which is why our lawyers can explain in detail how to apply for any of them. Apart from this, you can also rely on us for information on the Bahrain residence permit cost depending on your relocation needs.

How to obtain residency in Bahrain through a work permit

Foreign citizens interested in moving to Bahrain can find many employment opportunities. If you are in this situation, you can also obtain a residence permit in Bahrain based on your job. This is one of the simplest ways of relocating here, as the procedure must be started by the employer that must file the following papers on behalf of the foreign employee:
  • - the personal details of the employee (copy of the passport);
  • - proof that the employee is qualified for the job (diplomas, education background information);
  • - the employment contract;
  • - a healthcare certificate.
The documents must be filed with the Labor Market Regulatory Authority in Bahrain.
On his end, the employee must also complete a few formalities that can be explained by our local specialists.
If you want to move here and open a business in Bahrain, our specialists in company registration are at your service.

The Bahrain self sponsorship residence permit

One of the most comfortable ways of obtaining a residence permit in Bahrain is self sponsorship.
The Bahrain self sponsorship residence permit is available for the following categories of foreign citizens:
  • - investors;
  • - retires;
  • - property owners.
If you enter one of these categories, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Bahrain for support in applying for a residence permit. We can assist with the preparation of the documents and their filing with the authorities.
You must also consider that the Bahrain residence permit cost depends on the type of visa you request. Apart from this, there are also other requirements that must be met.

Self sponsorship financial requirements in Bahrain

Apart from the Bahrain residence permit cost, each option comes with specific financial requirements.
In the case of investors who come to open companies in Bahrain, these are:
  1. the shareholding requirements of the expat must be at least BD 100,000;
  2. the person must also deposit BD 15,000 in a local bank account for which a certificate of holding the deposit must be obtained every 6 months;
  3. the residence permit holder must also have a minimum source of income of at least BD 500 per month.
In the case of a person retiring and seeking to obtain a residence permit in Bahrain, a deposit of BD 5,000 must be made in a bank account opened with a local bank.
In the case of a real estate owner, there are a few conditions to be met in order for him/her to obtain a Bahrain self sponsorship residence permit:
  • - the value of the property must be at least BD 50,000;
  • - a deposit of BD 15,000 must also be made in a local bank account;
  • - a source of income of at least BD 500 per month is also required.
You can rely on our specialists if for details on the Bahrain residence permit cost.
If you are interested in a Bahrain residence permit and need support with the application, do not hesitate to contact us and start an amazing life here.


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